ENERXICO organised a series of webinars to discuss about the three main areas of the project: Wind energy industry, Oil & Gas, and Combustion efficiency for transportation.

Meso-microscale coupling for wind resource assessment in complex terrain: a critical discussion from the modelling, HPC and industrial point of view

On 16 April 2021 took place the first webinar about Wind energy within the frame of the ENERXICO project. The webinar comprised a first section with three panelists presenting state-of-the-art results on this topic and later there was a panel discussion, focusing on current industry best practices for wind modelling, the potential impact of HPC use in modelling accuracy, and the future of wind modelling within the new scenario of constant and quick renewable energy growth.  

More information about the first ENERXICO webinar

Subsurface exploration with HPC

On 2 June 2021 ENERXICO hold its second webinar within the Oil&Gas area. The event focused on High-performance computing (HPC) as a key technology for subsurface exploration. The speakers outlined major developments both in HPC and Geophysics and explained the role of the ENERXICO project in fostering new findings.

More information about the second ENERXICO webinar

Towards high-fidelity simulations of renewable fuels at relevant conditions of IC engines: challenges and opportunities

On 13 July 2021 ENERXICO closed its webinar series discussing about high-fidelity simulations of renewable fuels at relevant conditions of IC engines. The webinar had a first part with three key note speakers presenting results on this topic and after the three presentations, there was a roundtable discussion focused on the challenges and opportunities about the modelling of these systems and the perspectives of these renewable fuels for mobility applications.

More information about the third ENERXICO webinar